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Seneca Services can help you reduce your business operating costs; substantial savings can be made by consideration and simple planning.
At Seneca we adopt a policy of actively considering the environmental impact when responding to a client requests, this can lead to considerable cost saving too.

We recycle products and waste wherever possible; for example, used paint cans are sent to a specialist waste contractor where they are washed out, the paint residue is supplied to an incineration plant and used as the primary fuel to burnt household rubbish, the cans are then crushed and sent to a metal recycling plant.

Seneca can supply and fit products that are made from recycled material in the UK such as road speed bumps, whereas most suppliers import these from China.

Wherever possible Seneca use suppliers who adopt a "Responsible sourcing Policy". For example, those that are certified to FSC and PEFC regarding "Well managed Timber" meeting BREEAM standards.

Cost savings + reductions to your Co2 carbon footprint

Significant energy savings can be achieved in all buildings, a few examples are:

Lighting Upgrade to HF fittings with 20% to 30% saving, or upgrade to LED and see a major Co2 reduction, 25% extra light and up to 80% £ annual savings

Air Conditioning New a-c systems, greatly reduce running costs and will comply with forthcoming 2015 R22 legislation and F-gas regulations

Heating Replace an old boiler with a modern high efficiency model, and see a substantial cost saving plus a reduction in Co2 emissions of around 25%

Please note It is important to consider all plans carefully as some may be false economy in the long term, Seneca will be pleased to advise of the possible drawbacks. At Seneca we consider the future and suggest possible cost savings, so why not reduce your operating costs and your carbon footprint.