Health & Safety
Safety is our primary goal, if Seneca cannot plan to carry out a task safely, we will not do it!
health & safety

Seneca provide building maintenance and repair services together with office refurbishment, industrial refurbishment and shop fitting services. We are dedicated to providing a quality service and client satisfaction through our commitment to a policy of good practice, whilst continually striving to improve all aspects of occupational health, management and performance.

Our commitment to health and safety is reflected in our policy statement and the Seneca Management System. Specifically we expect all business operations to ensure that:
Seneca Services Limited considers the Health and Safety of all employees, the self-employed, contractors, the clients' employees and the general public who may be affected by our activities. The Directors regard the promotion of this Health and Safety Policy and all accompanying procedures as a prime objective thereby ensuring, so far as is reasonably practical, a safe environment for work is maintained.


  • The main objective of the Policy is to ensure that all Company employees perform their respective duties without undue risk to either their own health and safety or that of those around them.

  • The Seneca management are responsible for ensuring that this Policy is fully implemented throughout all activities within the Company and for providing information, instruction and training as is necessary for the promotion of health and safety.

  • Co-operation of all employees at all levels is fundamental to the success of this Policy. The company demands that all employees have a mature attitude towards health and safety and do not involve themselves in any unsafe practice that may result in an accident. People are deemed the most important asset of the Company. To fulfil both legal and moral obligations, it follows that we take care of their health and safety.

  • All employees have a duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act to take reasonable care with regard to the health and safety of themselves and of others. To make themselves aware of and to co-operate in the implementation of the Company Policy procedures, and all relevant statutory regulations and codes of practice, to ensure a safe working environment is maintained at all times.