seneca services
seneca services

property maintenance services

Seneca Services providing cost effective commercial building and property maintenance services to companies and organisations.

Reactive maintenance and repairs
We provide cost-effective qualified tradesmen to carry out every type of repair and or replacement to your building fabric or services with very competitive rates for both labour and materials. Seneca will as standard practice offer advice and cost options to allow clients to select the type of installation or quality of materials to best suit their budget.

Planned maintenance services
Seneca can provide contracted planned maintenance to single services such as Heating systems, or for the whole building to include all routine maintenance including electrical, air conditioning, etc. Such a plan will ensure your premises are maintained safely, operate efficiently and comply with the required legislation.

Legal compliance and testing

Seneca have the knowledge and expertise to manage your building services and maintain the documentation necessary to meet mandatory legislation regarding building maintenance regulations and testing of equipment and services.

Cost savings
Seneca excel at reducing both maintenance and repair costs for their clients.